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This is a list of the latest updates to Brawl Stars.

This includes information on Brawl Stars Talks, new characters, as well as limited time events and campaigns.

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Tire List

This is a roundup of the strongest characters in the current environment!

Here is the ranking of the strongest characters in Brawl Stars.
You can also check the ranking table and users’ votes.

Please take a look.

Brawl Stars Tier List: Ranked all characters| Who is the best Brawlers? (2024 latest version) On this page you will find the latest Brawl Stars Tier List. The strongest characters, Star Power and gadget are each ranked.The top 10 characters are also i...

List of all skins and latest prices

All old and new skins of Brawl Stars characters are listed here, along with the latest prices.

Please take a look.

【ブロスタ】キャラの全スキン一覧・最新価格・人気投票【4月最新版】|あいうえお順 このページでは、現在購入できるブロスタの全キャラのスキンを一覧で掲載しています。 あいうえお順・レアリティ順に…

Periodic Table of Maps

The map cycle table for all modes of Brawl Stars is posted here.

You can see a list of when and which maps are coming.

【ブロスタ】各モードのマップ周期表|シーズン26[2024年5月] このページでは、全モードのマップローテーションを一覧でご覧いただけます。 バトルロイヤル・ブロストライカー・エ…

What is Brawl Stars?

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Release DateJune 15, 2017
genreaction game
Operating companySupercell
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