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This page describes the privacy policy, disclaimer, copyright, portrait rights, links, and contact information for the “Brawl Stars Strategy Blog”.


Privacy Policy

Basic Policy on Handling Personal Information

Brawl Stars Strategy Blog (hereinafter referred to as “this site”) (hereinafter referred to as “this site”) declares that in order to appropriately protect the personal information of users, this site complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations, and handles personal information safely and appropriately in accordance with the privacy policy set forth below.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information” refers to “personal information” as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and refers to information about a living individual that can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact information, and other descriptions, etc., contained in the information, as well as information that can identify the specific individual by itself, such as appearance, fingerprints, voice print data, and health insurance card insurer number. Information that can identify a specific individual from said information alone, such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact information, and other descriptions contained in said information.

Method of obtaining personal information

When users register to use this site, they may be asked to provide personal information such as name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

In addition, transaction records and payment information, including the user’s personal information, between the user and the business partners, etc., are recorded by the site’s business partners (including information providers, advertisers, and advertisement distributors, etc.; hereinafter referred to as “business partners”). Hereinafter referred to as “partners”). The information may be collected from our partners (including information providers, advertisers, advertisement distributors, etc.).


This site uses access analysis services, various affiliate programs, and advertising distribution services.

These ad-serving companies may use cookies to display advertisements for products and services that may be of interest to you, as well as information about your visits to our site and other sites.

Cookies are stored on your computer or device when you visit our site or other sites.

However, this information will not include any personally identifiable information such as your name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number.

If you do not wish to have your information collected by cookies, you can set your browser to refuse to accept them.

However, some content may not function properly or services may not be available due to this setting. Please understand this in advance.

For more information on how to set this up, please see Google Policies and Terms.

Access Analysis Tools

This website uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google.

Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data.

This traffic data is collected anonymously and does not personally identify you.

Users can refuse the collection of data by disabling cookies. Please check the settings on your browser.

Please note that with respect to this agreement, the Google Analytics Terms of Use and Google Policies and Terms.

About Advertisements

This website uses third-party advertising services (Google Adsense and Moshi Moshi Affiliate) and uses cookies in order to display advertisements for products and services that match the interests of users.

Cookies allow this site to identify your computer, but they do not allow us to identify you personally.

For more information on how to disable cookies and Google Adsense, see “Advertising – Policies and Terms – Google“.

The administrator of this site is also a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn referral fees by promoting and linking to

In addition, in order to comply with the Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency’s Notice of Designation under the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations (commonly known as the “stealth regulations”), “PR” is indicated at the top of post pages, fixed pages, and category pages where affiliates are automatically displayed.

About Comments

We collect IP addresses when you leave comments on our blog.

This is a standard supported feature of WordPress and we do not use this IP address for anything other than responding to spam and vandalism.

If malicious vandalism is found, we will identify the provider based on the IP address and request the provider to disclose the commenter’s personal information.

Please see here for information on deleting comments, etc.
We will manage comments according to this rule.
If this rule is not followed, we will consider the comment inappropriate or trolling.

Purpose of use of personal information

The purposes for which we collect and use personal information are as follows

When you make an inquiry on this site or register for our mail magazine, we may ask you to enter your personal information such as your name (nickname) and e-mail address.

This personal information will only be used to respond to your questions or to contact you by e-mail or other means with necessary information, and will not be used for any purpose other than that for which you provided the personal information.

This site provides services for a fee. We use this information to bill you for such services.

In the event that a user attempts to use this site for any other unauthorized or improper purpose, we will use this information to identify the user and refuse the user’s use of this site.

How we manage personal information

This site uses SSL to protect your important information from being read or altered by third parties.

SSL (SecureSocketLayer) is a security feature that encrypts data for transmission.

SSL encryption protects your personal information from hackers and crackers and allows for secure transmission.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except in the following cases, this site will not provide personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the user.

However, this excludes cases permitted under the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations.

(1) When required by law

(2) When it is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual

(3) Cases in which the provision of personal information is particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned

(4) When it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, a local government, or an individual or entity entrusted by either a national agency or local government to execute affairs prescribed by law, and obtaining the consent of the individual is likely to impede the execution of such affairs.

(5) When the following matters are notified or announced in advance

  • The purpose of use must include provision to a third party
  • Data items provided to third parties
  • Means or method of provision to third parties
  • Stopping the provision of personal information to third parties at the request of the individual

Procedures for disclosure and correction of personal information

If you wish to disclose, correct, add, delete, or discontinue the use of your personal information, we will promptly respond to your request after confirming your identity.


We are not responsible for any information, services, etc. provided on sites to which you have moved by links, banners, etc. from this site.

While every effort is made to provide as accurate information as possible regarding the contents and information on this site, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or safety of such information.

Please note that we are not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the contents of this website.

Copyright and Portrait Rights

Unauthorized reproduction of any text, images, etc. posted on this site is prohibited.

This site is not intended to infringe any copyrights or portrait rights.

If you have any issues regarding copyright or portrait rights, please contact us using the Contact Us form.

We will respond promptly.

About Links

This site is basically link-free. No permission or contact is required to link to this site.

However, please refrain from using inline frames and direct links to images.

Contact for consultations and complaints regarding the handling of personal information

Please direct any inquiries regarding this policy to the following contact point.

Contact: Contact Form

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